Markus Templer

LinkedIn Canada

Markus Templer has focused more than 18 years of his career in the digital advertising and technology fields – from running his own company, to working at companies such as MySpace, Torstar Digital and Rocket Fuel.

Markus has deep understanding of the FinTech world, from his past experience working with major Financial Services organizations, helping them successful craft and execute their marketing strategies, digitally.  In addition, he had the opportunity to be one of the first few employees at Rocket Fuel Canada, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence programmatic demand side platform.

He is currently the Enterprise Technology and Telecom Lead at LinkedIn Canada, a division of Microsoft, where he is responsible for helping Canada’s largest, most complex technology companies solve their digital marketing objectives across the LinkedIn platform, at scale.  

 Markus currently resides in Toronto, and is a proud brother, uncle and son.

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