Bruce Croxon

Round 13 Capital

Bruce Croxon net worth is estimated at $20 million. Croxon may have not been known in the media spotlight before Dragon’s Den, he was extremely popular in the digital world as  one of the early pioneers of the internet. Bruce Croxon net worth came from his works including as founding members of the successful online dating service, Lavalife, Vida Wellness Spas business, as well as various other technology ventures, including Sprigg Software,, Mobilemiser.com, and Points.com.   Croxon started as a tree planter in British Columbia, earning two cents per tree. The job allowed him to realize the importance of nature and the environment. Croxon earned his Bachelor of Arts at the University in Ontario back in 1982. It was in 1988 when he was able to have his first taste of success through digital dating, his first step to Bruce Croxon net worth. Although it took roughly after ten years where the Internet became popular, Croxon was already in the forefront of the online dating market. He co-founded the site Lavalife and it quickly became a hit having more than two million members and countless stories of successful marriages but decided on selling it later for $180 million. Bruce Croxon net worth has been booming after Croxon created his own spa chain, Vita. Add to that, he also founded Round13 Capital and joined Dragon’s Den.

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